Your house says a lot about your particular tastes, personalities, and way of life. Not just your house, your furniture, and its maintenance reflect on your hygienic habits and practices. This is why most of us go to great lengths to present our home in the most appealing way possible.

Furniture is the most important aspect of home décor; a house would be incomplete without it. Furniture offers both comfort and the chance to exhibit their personal taste while improving the aesthetics of the room at the same time. Furniture, despite its many advantages, has one drawback it is quite expensive.

We do everything we can to prevent damaging or ruining our furniture; from having to hire a carpenter, going to the store, or purchasing new furniture online. As furniture is used quite often in any home, it is prone to signs of wear and tear. Like we said before, a home is incomplete without furniture but the rise in the cost of these items has proven to be a burden. As a result, we need to handle our furniture with extreme caution. Here are 5 home decor ideas from the pros for the DIY-er in you, to help you make your furniture last a long time.

Set Some Basic Rules:

This is specifically for messy grownups and families with little children. It is important you make basic home rules and enforce them. Whether it’s to restrict meals to the dining room table or to avoid kids playing with paints on the furniture. It’s all fun and games until your furniture falls over along with your playing children or pets. It is also important you stop children, pets, heck even adults from jumping on your furniture to prevent wear and tear of your couches and beds. Some other basic house rules like preventing pets from climbing onto the beds and couches help prolong the lifespan of your furniture.

Use Slipcover:

Despite our best efforts, damage to our furniture is inevitable when it comes to families with kids, pets, and reckless adults. Using slip\covers over your furniture is another brilliant way to protect your home decor. The slipcovers are easily available and affordable. You can even make your own slipcovers out of old clothes. It is one of the best ways to protect your furniture from not just dirt, spills, and tear but also sunlight.

Limit the Sunlight:

We all know that sunshine isn’t the best friend of furniture. Sunlight can harm the furniture if it is exposed to it for an extended period of time. It causes your furniture to fade, show discoloration, and faster wear and tear. You can easily shield them by placing the furniture in areas of the room where the sun’s rays do not reach. You can also minimize exposure to bright light by using shades and drapes.

Refinish, Paint or Polish your Furniture:

Another wonderful approach to keep your furniture appearing new is by painting or refinishing it yourself. It can help your furniture seem less dirty and faded. You may even give it a new appearance by painting it a different color to fit your new home décor. Take our word for it: a coat of paint or varnish can completely transform ancient furniture. 

Hire Professional Help:

Taking good care of your costly furniture can take time and may seem like a burden, especially to people who are juggling work and family obligations. You can hire a professional cleaner to deep-clean and maintain your furniture on a yearly or quarterly basis. This is a wonderful time-saving way to give old furniture a fresh look. This is especially useful for households with toddlers and pets. It can help protect your family from infections while making your old furniture look visually appealing.

We hope these simple tips to extend the life of your furniture come in handy. Continue to visit ARK Interiors Blog for more information about home décor tips and furniture upkeep.