Sharad Navratri’, also called Durga Puja, is one of the most celebrated and longest festivals in India, honouring the divinity of Goddess Durga. Over nine whole nights, the nine forms of the Goddess are worshipped. The time commemorates Her victory over the evil Mahisashura. The festival is celebrated differently across India’s several regions for one, these nine festive days includes fun, devotion, music, food, and more with friends, relatives and loves ones. For another, this season of happiness, festivity, and fervour is complimented with clean, adorned, and colourful homes. The idol is then decorated with flowers, clothes, jewellery, & various sweets are kept in front of the Goddess! Navratri festival is marked in every home with bright & colourful Navratri decorations. Let us give you some ideas to decorate your home for this Navratri!

Clean Up your home

Navratri is a fantastic opportunity to freshen up the walls in your gathering spaces or the mandir chamber. The first thing you should do is tidy up for the holidays. You may use this time to clean up the house and reorganise the arrangement of your common areas by moving furniture. Consider using bright or warm-coloured linens, pillow coverings, and drapes, as well as any other vibrant décor. White, yellow, orange, and red colours truly bring forth the joyful spirit of Navratri. Keep things bright and festive!


Navratri decoration with flowers, diyas and rangoli

ark interior designsFlowers are one of nature’s oldest and most basic kinds of adornment for every joyous occasion. Their delicacy and purity are well recognised for usage in prayers and gifts. The flowers’ diverse colour palette may be easily integrated into a variety of designs and themes. Simple clay diyas may add brightness and beauty to your Navratri mandir décor at home. Not only may they be placed in and around the temple, but they can also be placed on pavements, verandas, balconies, and rangolis. However, rangolis – the creative expression of art via colours and symmetric designs – is the ideal way to embrace colours in a beautiful spectrum. Rangolis may be made using various colours, flowers, and diyas. Not just that you can even organize rangoli contests in your locality to make it fun.


Decorations with Fragrant FlowersDecorations with Fragrant FlowersWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Flowers are nature’s gifts that provide blossoming elegance and fragrance to any auspicious occasion. And we all know how important flowers are in any Puja. If you’re looking for Navratri home décor ideas, there aren’t many better options than utilising flowers to decorate your house. Marigold, mogra, and other flowers, for example, may be used to form garlands and hang them over doors and windows, or they can be used in rangoli décor. Flowers like mogra and roses also add a beautiful fragrance to your home making it pleasant. You may even use flowers to decorate your front door, temple, and other areas of your property. This is one of the simplest and oldest Navratri home décor ideas. You can make it, even more, attractive by combining the flowers with fairy lights or LED lights.


Use Ornamental Dolls and Pots to add colourark interior navaratri decorates

Golu or doll exhibitions that represent legendary events from mythology are a prevalent tradition during the Navratri festival. The nine days of Navratri, as well as the spirit of life, is represented artistically throughout dolls placed on nine steps. It is commonly referred to as Golu or Bommmai Kolu (Tamil), Bommalu Koluvu (Telugu), or Bombe Habba (Telugu) (Kannada). Golu is an exhibition of dolls and miniatures of Gods and Goddesses. It is usually set up on the first day of the Navratri festival. Earthen pots, which are sometimes overlooked, maybe one of the most underappreciated ornamental things during festivals. Simply painting the entire pot a single colour, decorating it with a few colourful designs, and adorning it with foils or glass mirrors will amaze your guests.


Hang traditional Toran on your doors and entrances

navarati ark interior home designsHanging a ‘Toran’ in your pooja room and at the front door is also considered auspicious for the Navratri holiday. In the market, there are several beautifully adorned kinds of torans with embroidered and mirror work. You can even find plastic flowers as torans as well as pearl beaded torans, which are a trendy form of hanging these days. Alternatively, you can hang the torans made of real or plastic mango/coconut leaves.

So, if you haven’t begun yet and aren’t sure where to begin, these Navratri decoration ideas will undoubtedly assist you. I hope you like these Navratri décor ideas for your home!

If you have any more Navratri decoration ideas, please share them in the comments section!