Sri Krishna Janmashtami Home Decoration Ideas

Krishna, Lord Vishnu’s eighth avatar, is revered as the greatest God in Hinduism. We’re always on the lookout for new low cost and trendy decoration ideas for the puja room or temple in your home that will make the event more memorable, as you welcome Lord Krishna into your home this Janmashtami. Fasting, singing, praying together, making and sharing special cuisine, and visits to Krishna temples are among ways Hindus commemorate Janmashtami. We celebrate this festival by fasting, singing, praying together, making and sharing special dishes, and visiting the Krishna temples with your family. All the Krishna temples are brightly lit and adorned during the day, attracting a large number of tourists, while Krishna devotees perform bhakti events and keep night watch.

Today, we’re sharing some home décor ideas to assist you give Lord Krishna a spectacular welcome this Janmashtami.


This is one of the most traditional methods to celebrate a festival by decorating your home. This Indian tradition is a pleasant way to greet visitors and is ideal for Janmashtami decorating. Make a colourful rangoli in front of your house’s shrine to greet Lord Krishna’s entrance at midnight. Some of the best rangolis for Janmashtami are peacocks, feathers and dahi handis (mud pot). You can also choose colors like green blue (bright and dark hues). 

Lights and Flowers:

One of the most frequent ways to adorn temples and puja sthans is using flowers. Jasmine and mogra are two aromatic flowers that Lord Krishna likes. You may use these flowers to adorn the temple by weaving them into long threads and wrapping them over his jhula as well. Fairy Lights are another way of transforming everything into a beautiful fantasy. Pick your favourite colour and turn on the celebrations to brighten up your temple with these little exquisite glittering lights. Flowers and Lights are also very affordable and readily available decoration ideas.

Dahi Handi, Flute and Cradle are some of the most famous decoration ideas to use during this festival. Here are some ways to decorate them.

Decorate a Dahi Handi:

Lord Krishna adored butter and would assemble his buddies to take it from his mother’s dahi handi (earthen pot). To represent dahi handis, just hang or arrange colourful clay pots. You can stuff it with cotton to make it seem like butter. You can even add garlands, lights, and paint to these pots and hang them from the ceiling of your pooja room or each side of the entry, as seen in the image. If properly adorned, these pots might become a permanent fixture in your pooja room.

Decorate Flute:

Lord Krishna enjoyed playing the bansuri, or flute.  Pick a couple flutes and decorate them with rhinestones, brocades, and mirrors. You may use them as decorations or simply set them near the temple; either way, they will bring a lot of spark to your Janmashtami celebration.

Decorate a cradle (jhula):

Decorating his jhula (cradle) for newborn Krishna is the most thrilling element of Janmashtami decorating. If you don’t have one, there are many options in the market and online. You may also construct your own DIY jhula out of cardboard boxes, plywood, or a piece of cloth. Once the cradle is in place, you can decorate it further with paint, garlands, lights, and flowers.

Janmashtami is all about decorating your home with bright colours to commemorate the birth of the most famous god of all time! We hope that these affordable and trendy Janmashtami decoration ideas for your home will help you get ready for the big festival! Happy Janmashtami!