First of all, let us get started by posing a very basic question of

What exactly is Interior Designing?

Since childhood, we were more inclined towards science and Math and considered arts to be fun and a source of refreshment. Of course, arts are stress busters!
But did you ever get a chance to breakdown the magic behind the arts and crafts?

It’s the science behind the art that’s making it sustainable for years. Indeed, science is all around us.
Yes! Interior designing is nothing but the science where colours, patterns and things are placed in a specific and balanced way to make some sense of the room. As any chemical reaction has got a formula and balancing equation so does the interior designing.

Now let’s see what factors contribute in the evolution of an Interior Design Style


Geography of a place has a very prominent effect on interior designing. That’s how we have got quite a lot of interesting styles of interior designing.

To be very precise, it’s the climatic conditions and geographic conditions combined that lays down some rules for mankind to live with. These mama earth rules serve as our guidelines in designing a room or an interior design style.

In addition to these, the economy also plays a key role in designing a style. Now comes the interesting question of how each of these factors affects Interior designing. Let’s discuss further deeper on these factors

Climatic – Scandanavian Interior design style

In this style, we see large windows with no drapes or just plain white window treatments. Furniture is simple and functional. Space is never crowded with things or furniture, just to make sure we have ample ventilation entering into the room and stays.

During winters Scandanavian homes receive very few hours of natural light so that’s the reason people in this area follow these rules, which tells us climate affects an interior design style.

Geographic – Coastal Chic Interior Design Style.

This interior design style is mostly found in the coastal areas. Artefacts used in this style are usually the things found in the waters. And woodcut from the trees along the coastal line serve as popular furniture pieces making this style unique and authentic.

Geography does affect Interior design styles as these homes are filled with sea-inspired decor.

Economic Factors – Art deco Interior Design Style

Economic – Before the world war 2, a luxurious style such as Art Deco was dominant in many economically sound countries. Post world war 2 economic crisis hit all the industries across the globe and longing for luxurious things and styles have ended.

People started living simple which gave birth to a few simple interior design styles.

Considering these above factors we can strongly say that interior designing is not just placing a few things around the space but it’s a lot deeper study to make everything fall in to place and make the room look cohesive and vibrant.

Cabinet Designing vs Interior designing

Most of the people think cabinet designing to be Interior designing. Let me draw a fine line between each and explain to you. To be precise interior designing is just not making cabinets where ever necessary. When it’s just about cabinets then it’s called cabinet designing.

Interior designing is something which takes in more effort to create a space where fixed furniture, movable furniture and furnishings are arranged in a beautiful and specific manner to form cohesion in a room and to let out that wow factor.

So in a nutshell interior designing is a science guided by climatic, geographic and economic factors. These factors led to the birth of many interior design styles across the globe. Each style with its own uniqueness and authenticity.

A style can be adapted by anyone and anywhere in the world to create the mood of their choice or to cherish the memories with a particular place.

I hope this small write up of mine has helped you to understand what Interior designing is and factors that lead us to design an interior style. Keep watching this space as I’m gonna come up with few more interesting topics and spill more beans in my upcoming write up.