Looking to decorate your home?

We are covering all interior design styles that are popular in modern homes. In several decorating styles like reality, practitioners  blend different elements and identify the core aspects of each one.

Indian Traditional interior designers have some features that include rich tones, dark woods, and sophisticated colors. One of the important features is wall painting with neutral colours, so furniture and decorative accents can be highlighted.

Contemporary & Modern interior style is more popular in media and real life. Some people think the modern style and contemporary interior designs are the same but they are different.


Indian Interior Design:

Exotic, interesting, and classy are the  terms that are typically applied to the interiors of an Indian home. India is understood for its diverse culture, art, and history, and this is often reflected in every Indian home. Inside of each Indian home, showcases a definite feature that is what makes an Indian home unique.

The versatality of colours used in India evokes a way of richness. The utilization of earthy colors like brown, tan, ochre yellow, and umber are often commonly seen on walls.

Interior designing is an art that needs creativity, skill, and most of all, an in-depth understanding of the topic.  All you need is some pro tips that will add a desi  vibe to your home decor. Finally, what we have is a style that is just as composite as our culture!

Essential elements of Indian interior designing have been discussed below:

  • Vibrant Colours
  • Elegance Of Solid Wood Furniture
  • Spaces For Family Gatherings
  • Fabrics For Soft Furnishings
  • Quite essential Pooja Room
  • Outdoor Space
  • Desi Bath Space
  • Sacred Plants etc…


Contemporary Interior Design:

Contemporary style is great for anyone who likes things of very simple looking  fussy prints, by  creating  simple element  while focusing on the architectural elements of a room. Beautifully curated contemporary living room that features high-shine and home décor starters stand on their own in the sea of neutrals.

Contemporary decorating style saves time and is defined by a classic approach by bringing a room through luxury and simplicity. These designs moment well worth the effort and investment and will never go out of style and easy to update.

Contemporary interior designs deals with intricate detailing and beauty of modern design and many home corners are filled with art. we are defining contemporary style as room to room and highlighting the details from texture to windows and contemporary home décor.

These designs are applied to sleek surfaces, crisp furnishings, and cutting-edge art. The style in the bad wrap for cold and impersonal, and modern spaces for a fresh dazzling effect.

Elements in Contemporary Designs:

  • Natural light is used
  • It includes open spaces
  • Use of natural and textile fabrics
  • Either very dark or very light wood tones
  • Neutral colors
  • It uses the metal accent pieces

Choosing an interior designer make your home even more pleasant . It is important to pick a theme and then work on it to get a beautiful output.