This piece is dedicated to all of the working mothers out there. A brief question for all my wonderful mothers, soon-to-be mothers, and future mothers. Do you, my lovely ladies, get bored of cleaning your house over and again, especially when you have little children running around?

Don’t worry; in this article, you’ll learn some tips and tricks for keeping your home clean and beautiful even when there are children present.

We live in a culture where it is automatically assumed that the women will keep the house clean and presentable, and where the children will always be excused for the mess they make at home, which can be frustrating.

But what if I told you that this doesn’t have to be the case any longer? You can keep your house spotless, and the best part is that you can even get your kids to help you clean!

Regardless of what the world thinks, keeping the house clean and organized should be everyone’s responsibility, including children, men, and women. It’s a family home, so it’s not just one woman’s work, and it’s time to rethink the home cleaning position.

So, here are a few pointers on how to make household organizations a shared job.


The first and most crucial component of organizing is to make sure that every book, toy, and object in the house has its own designated space.

The ideal method to achieve this is to have a box where all of the toys go when playtime is finished, as well as a bookshelf where all of the books go when playtime is over.

Having a place for everything keeps things neat, and explaining to your children that all of their toys must now be returned to their respective homes instills in them a sense of responsibility to look after their belongings.


Deep-cleaning-checklistThis is yet another important aspect of being organized and keeping the house tidy, not only when visitors arrive but throughout the week.

Make a list of what has to be cleaned on a daily basis and what may be done only once in a while.

Making the bed, cleaning the rooms, and putting the toys away are examples of everyday regular jobs that must be completed on a daily basis.

Tasks like changing the curtains or painting the walls, on the other hand, are only done once in a while; having a checklist or chart will ensure that the entire family is aware of what has to be done rather than putting all the weight on the women.



It is critical to ensure that the cleaning products used are clean, organic, and healthy, even if children are involved in the cleaning process. There are also organic home-produced recipes you may utilize to manufacture your own cleanser at home, such as this one.



Recipe for All-Purpose Cleaner

1 part water, 1 part

1 part vinegar, 1 part water

Lemon Juice, Squeezed

A few drops of lavender essential oil (or any other oil you enjoy)


Cleaning products should be kept in a readily accessible location so that they may be accessed even when the parents are not at home and the children develop a cleaning habit. Make sure that only the materials that are safe for children are readily available.


deep cleaning

Yes, cleaning can be enjoyable; make it an activity that everyone at home looks forward to!

How are you going to do it?

-Make a competition out of it by giving your kids a time limit to clean and rewarding them for their efforts.
-Words of appreciation: It is critical to thank your children for their contributions to cleaning, even the small things that they accomplish so that they will do more!
-Make children feel responsible by teaching them from a young age that cleaning the house is a part of everyone’s work and a duty that everyone at home should share.

Follow the tips shared and you will have your homes squeaky clean in no time, and soon your kids will trouble you that they want to clean! 🙂