Most Popular Interior Design

The past year has made us more homebound; the end of an era is upon us and what more than the new year is the perfect reason to make the change you’ve been waiting for, the new year isn’t just about new resolutions but it can also be about beautifying your house
Here are 15 interior designs that will make new year celebrations more special, with these beautiful trends you may want to party right at home-
1. Vintage
2. Clean and simple
3. The Rattan Trend
4. Contrast Décor
5. Curved sofas
6. Farmhouse style
7. Textured Style
8. Smart lighting
9. Scandinavian Interior Design Style
10. Eclectic Interior Design Style
11. Minimalism Interior design style
12. Bring back Boucle
13. Cabin Style
15. Pastel Colour

Vintage :

vintageWhen it comes to home décor, Vintage is always the first choice, every house will always have a staple vintage piece like antique clocks, spooled legs, retro telephones it’s the master of beauty and unlike it isn’t about seeing vintage pieces or designs everywhere it is about those few statement pieces that change the entire look. Vintage adds a very unique look in homes, the nostalgia that is attached with the piece of design is the beauty untold, vintage often includes using the staple pieces available right at home and blending it with a modern twist this form of design is pleasing to the eye and affordable. If you love the old is gold look then vintage is for you.


Clean and Simple :

Clean and SimpleClean and simple designs are a game-changer- these can include designs with clean white walls, big couches, big screen tv, color palette designs, and beautiful frames hanging around the home.

Keeping it clean and simple is a very classy design approach it is not an uncommon feature; one can always go creative with clean and simple styling by adding a splash of colors on your couch or by adding a few statement pieces



The Rattan Trend :

The Rattan TrendThe Rattan Trend r as I would like to call it as the – bringing the outside indoors trend, this is not a new trend this form of deigning had been around for a long time, but it’s more common now than ever, the creative mindset of filling your home with beautiful outside furniture makes a home almost a vacation spot. You can be right at home and experience the beach life, this trend includes materials made from compelling furniture proving to be more and more suitable for home decors Its compelling texture makes it accented for minimalist aesthetic if you are looking to experience a nice outdoor vibe at home then this is for you


Contrast Décor :

Contrast Décor

High-contrast designs are here changing the game one colour at a time— which means if you’ve always wanted to paint your home black, now is the time to give it a whirl, for a long time it’s always been white, white, white but it’s all about the colors and contrasts.

The Contract style of design is throwing traditions out the window one bright colour at a time- in recent times, no one is sacred to paint their walls with rich vibrant colours and having beautiful furniture to tie it all together and bring the design to life – go big or go home right! Be generous with colours mix and match!



Curved sofas :

Curved sofasA trend that will transport you back to the ’60s, having curved sofas is the new thing, sofas with the modern twist of luxury and comfort.

These curved sofas give the room a new accent and décor angel, straight sofas are not deemed as boring – being curvy is the new bold even with pieces of furniture.



Farmhouse style :

The Farmhouse Interior Design style uses elements and creates a farmhouse-like vibe in a city home surrounded by concrete. One of the most highlighting aspects of farmhouse interior design is the fact that each room is driven by an individual element. So, you can have a particular element ruling the living room and a different element ruling the bedroom like Wood being the primary material used in this design style, the modern farmhouse is a sophisticated style.


Textured wall :

textured wall

This trend has been taking homes by the storm, are you looking for something fresh to bring your home to life? Then the textured wall is the way to go – texture has become an effective tool to liven up any space. There is no limit on the type of textures that can be added to your home wall from paints to wallpapers and even natural materials like marble and wood having these texture effects will instantly bring a glow and will not even take any additional surface space.



Smart lighting :

Smart lightingWhen it comes to personalizing your home, lights is the way to go. Keeping it lit has become very common in recent times- it adds an amazing glow to the whole house and creates a vibe like no other. Lighting is said to be the new jewelry at homes, from a utility it has become fashion says Tim Stumm lighting expert. Lights come in all shapes and forms from pendant lamps to have smart switches these are personalized lights that help you set your house mood, the interior design industry is lighting up homes.


Scandinavian Interior Design Style :

Scandinavian Interior Design Style

This is a very special design technique it does not just include high styles but tries to keep it classy under a budget, this is a very common design style adopted by most. Being able to live in your dream home and not spend a lot is a luxury in itself. It is simple, warm, and has room for personalization these designs are a mix of minimalism and mid-century styles. These include bare ornaments, round furniture, and clean detailing.


Eclectic Interior Design Style :

Eclectic Interior Design StyleThe eclectic design style is one set with a lot of mood boards and a diverse range of sources, once the layout is done the style that is very personalized to the individual’s home is selected. The style under this specific design includes multiple style elements, colour schemes, and textures all combining to give the most unique feel in your home, the core idea of using the eclectic design is blending styles from historic age and blending it with fresh new and mesmerizing designs- the core of eclectic is creativity and a free innovative mind.

Minimalism Interior design style :

Minimalism Interior design styleThis style is a combination of everything minimalistic, simple minimum designs speak the loudest in terms of design, it includes minimalism in all aspects of the design from simple furniture to neutral colour palettes, small patterns, unlike popular belief a lot more creativity goes into making minimalism designs at home stand out.

Less is more is the true definition of this specific style of design – here designers won’t need much to make homes look creative and stylish every tiny detail counts and makes the home a wonderful look.




BRING BACK BOUCLEBring back Boucle, is now back and you’re going to see it everywhere, in interiors and fashion. Bouclé fabric provides a unique range of benefits it’s a heavy enough material that offers absorption when used for, say, window treatments, but soft enough to cover a pillow, The material pairs incredibly with curvilinear shapes and is a very trendy design model today.

The boucle is material that can go over sofas, chairs or even your home bed and the texture of the look is what adds a new dimension of creativity and design.



The cabin-style home life is a special kind of décor that includes open fires, rugs, logs, and so much more. If you love camping and staring at the starry night then this look is a definite for your home- the cabin style home life is taking up the design market, especially with the weather switching up to winter land and Christmas right around the corner – this look makes a home feel movie like and bring unrealistic warmth.




LIGHT-FILLED SPACELet there be light- and for this, the creative techniques of glass door ceiling windows and lantern windows became a huge trend along with skylight and also big French doors- with the past year everyone had of being shut inside at home the importance of having enough lighting has become a new trend, designers have of founding a creative way to bring the beauty of the outside sunlight right inside your home the clever use of this furniture has made homes more appealing and well lit.




Pastel colours have taken the design world by storm, from soft looks to even bold ones, these colours with the right mix and match are brought a new luxury feel in homes, these home décor inspirations include features of different combinations of beautiful blush pink, mint green, marble, and copper, keeping in the minimalistic design of the room.

From initially having just baby rooms draped with pastel looks, now we even see entire homes adopting this pattern of colours and design, the colour brings peace and calm designing, bringing a more cozy feel at home.